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BASIL Fragrant, leafy, annual herb is popular both fresh and dried. Keep flowers pinched for best production. Plant in a sunny location when the air and soil temperatures are warm. It does poorly in the wet cold months of March through May. Sun.
  Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese' - Large leaved, true Genovese. These full-flavored, aromatic plants belong in every basil and pesto lover's garden. 1-2 ft.
  O. basilicum 'Mrs. Burns' - Lemon Basil - Lemon-scented leaves. 22 in.
  O. basilicum 'Mammoth Sweet' - Large lettuce-leafed basil prized by Italian chefs. Heavenly aroma. 12-18 in.
  O. basilicum 'Sweet Italian' - Traditional basil with large, 3" leaves. Best for pesto and cooking. Stores well when dried. 1-2 ft.
  O. basilicum var. thyrsiflora 'Thai Sweet' - Authenic spicy Thai basil flavor. Green leaves and attractive purple blooms and stems. 12-18 in.
  O. minimum 'Boxwood' - Bush Basil - Rounded bushy plants with small fragrant leaves. Great in salads. 1 ft.
  O. purpurascens 'Red Rubin' - Dark purple color on and off the plant. Good traditional flavor is popular with gourmet chefs. Lavender flowers. 16-20 in.
CATNIP Nepeta cataria - A fast growing perennial with gray green foliage. A treat for cats. Repels cockroaches. Pale pink flowers Aug.-Sept. 2 ft. Sun.
Chamaemelum matricaris - Spreading plant with daisy-like, white flowers. Often used to make fragrant and soothing teas. 1 ft. Sun.
Alium schoenoprasum - Perennial herb grows in clumps. Use tender foliage as accent in cooking. Rose purple flowers in spring. 12-15 in. Sun.
Coriandrum sativum 'Santo' - Common "cilantro" found in markets and groceries. A fast growing annual herb with distinctive flavor. Use fresh in many Mexican and Oriental dishes. Seeds are used for fresh Coriander. 18-24 in. Sun.
DILL Anethum graveolens 'Dukat'- Leaves and seeds are good for seasoning. Popular in pickles, sauces, salads and cooked dishes. Yellow flowers July. 40 in. Sun.
Perennial herbs with fragrant foliage. Very heat tolerant. Aromatic flowers June-Sept are good fresh or dried. Excellent landscape plants for full sun.
  L. angustifolia 'Ellagance Snow' - English lavender. Fragrant, finely cut, grey green foliage. Large white flowers. 1 ft.
  L. angustifolia 'Hidcote Blue' - English lavender. Compact habit. Deep blue flowers. 12-18 in.
  L. angustifolia 'Lavance Purple' - English lavender. Intense, deep purple, long lasting flowers. 1 ft.
  L. angustifolia 'Munstead' - English lavender. Dark blue flowers. 12-18 in.
  L. angustifolium 'Platinum Blonde' - Engish lavender. Blue flower spikes. Cream and green, variegated foliage. 16-24 in.
  L. angustifolia 'Super Blue' - English lavender. Rich deep blue flowers on short spikes. Extremely winter hardy. 1 ft.
  L. angustifolia 'Vicenza Blue' - English lavender. Fragrant, fine cut, silver gray foliage. Spikes of fragrant, deep purple flowers. 16-24 in.
  L. heterophylla 'Goodwin Creek' - Silvery gray, toothed foliage. Vigorous grower. Dark blue flowers. 18-24 in.
  L. x intermedia 'Fred Boutin' - Lavandins lavender. Silvery foliage. Good cut flower. Purple flowers. 2 ft.
  L. x intermedia 'Grosso' - Lavandins lavender. Excellent variety with deep purple flowers on long stems. Good cut flower. 2 ft.
  L. x intermedia 'Phenomenal' - Lavandins lavender. Purple-blue flowers on long stems. Cold-hardy variety. 2-3 ft.
  L. x intermedia 'Provence' - Lavandins lavender. Light purple flowers on long stems. Tidy compact plant. Good cut flower. 16 in.
  L. pinnata - Not winter hardy but worth growing. Large vigorous plant with deeply lobed foliage. Deep rich blue flowers on tall spikes until frost. 3 ft.
  L. stoechas 'Anouk Deep Rose' - Spanish lavender. Weather tolerant and reblooming. Rose, winged flowers. 14-16 in.
  L. stoechas 'Bandera Pink' - Spanish lavender. Large, soft pink flags on spikes with deep rose flowers. 8-10 in.
  L. stoechas 'Bandera Purple' - Spanish lavender.Dark purple flowers with purple flags.Silver-green foliage. 8-10 in.
  L. stoechas 'Blue Star' - Spanish lavender. Uniform, compact, early flowering variety. Matte green narrow leaves. Deep purple winged flowers. 12-18 in.
  L. stoechas 'LaVella Compact Dark Pink' - Sturdy plants. Flowers earlier than most. Dark pink. 12 in.
  L. stoechas 'LaVella Compact Dark Violet' - Sturdy plants. Flowers earlier than most. Dark violet. 12 in.
  L. stoechas 'Otto Quast' - Spanish lavender. Upright plant. Narrow grey green leaves. Large typical "ears". Purple flower heads are tipped with indigo purple bracts. 2 ft.
  L. stoechas 'Silver Anouk' - Spanish lavender. Silver grey, fragrant foliage. Deep purple flower spikes topped with waving violet petals. 10-14 in.
  L. stoechas 'Tiara' - Spanish lavender. Silver gray foliage. Purple blue flower heads topped with creamy white bracts. 28 in.
  L. stoechas 'With Love' - Attractive pink bracts on flowers that are held close to gray green fragrant foliage. 2 ft.
LEMON GRASS Cymbopogon flexuosus 'East Indian' - Aromatic grass from India containing large amounts of citral and geraniol. Anti-inflammatory. Great for digestion. 18-48 in. Sun.
MARJORAM Origanum majorana - A somewhat cold sensitive perennial herb with oregano-like flavor and sweet pine and citrus undertones. Use leaves fresh and dried. 1 ft. Sun.
MELISSA Melissa officinalis 'Lemon Balm' - Part of the mint family. Leaves have the scent of a lemon with a hint of mint. Clumping habit. 2-3 ft.
MINT Hardy perennial plants best in sunny locations. Use as an ornamental or culinary herb. 18 in. Sun.
  M. arvensis 'Thai' - Attractive herb with mid-green leaves that have a soft spearmint like aroma.
  Mentha piperata 'Orange Mint' - Bronzy green foliage with strong citrus mint scent.
  M. rountundi 'Apple Mint' - Large light green foliage with apple mint fragrance.
  M. souveolen 'Pineapple Mint' - Leaves have white variegation and pineapple fragrance.
  M. spicata 'Chewing Gum' - Spearmint - Upright mounding plant with deep green foliage. Fresh spearmint flavor with a cool menthol aroma. Light blue flowers.
  M. x piperita 'Swiss Mint' - Bright green foliage is very aromatic and an excellent flavoring.
  M. x villosa 'Mojito' - Bright to dark green foliage is aromatic with sweet undertones. Great with lime, lamb and meats.

Corsican Mint in the Perennial section.
OREGANO Perennial herb with many culinary uses. Use fresh or dried in soups, sauces, etc. Sun.
  Origanum vulgare Aureum 'Golden Oregano' - Low, creeping, mounding plant with deep golden foliage. Mild oregano scent. Best as ornamental. 6 in.
  O. vulgare hirtum 'Greek Oregano' - Rich flavor. Most common oregano used for cooking. 12-15 in.
  O. vulgare 'Hot and Spicy' - Perennial with rich spicy flavor. 1 ft.
  O. vulgare 'Italian Oregano' - Perennial with rich flavor and many culinary uses. 1 ft.

Ornamental Oregano in the Perennial section.
PARSLEY Petroselinum crispum 'Curled Parsley' - Decorative, curled, green leaves. Use in salads and as a garnish. Biennial will self sow if allowed to go to seed. 8-10 in.
  P. crispum 'Italian Parsley' - Vigorous with flavorful, flat, dark green leaves. A favorite for cooking. 10-14 in.
ROSEMARY Evergreen plants with needle-like, fragrant foliage. Good for sunny dry locations. Tolerant of poor soils. All are good for culinary use. Sun.
  Rosmarinus officinalis 'Arp' - Hardier than other varieties. Lavender blue flowers. 2 ft.
  R. officinalis 'Spice Island' - Vigorous herb is great for cooking and pruning into topiaries. Blue flowers. 4-6 ft.
  R. officinalis 'Tuscan Blue' - Popular variety. Dark blue flowers Aug-Sept. 4 ft.
  R. prostratus 'Creeping Rosemary' - Evergreen with very fragrant foliage. Used mostly as an ornamental for planters, rock walls and perennial borders. Pale blue flowers July-Aug. 3 in.
SAGE Upright shrubby plants with scented foliage. Hardy perennials for sunny borders and planters. Will tolerate most garden soils. Striking foliage colors make this a good accent. Good for flavoring meats and poultry. Sun.
  Salvia elegans 'Pineapple Sage' - Large, vigorous plant with fragrant, pineapple-scented foliage. Not winter hardy in this area. Where protected, or if grown indoors, plants have scarlet flowers on upright spikes all winter Sept-May. 2-3 ft.
  S. officinalis - Culinary Sage - Gray green, aromatic foliage. Good for flavoring meats and poultry. Lilac blue flowers June-Aug. 18 in.
  S. officinalis 'Berggarten' - Large, silvery, blue green foliage. Lilac blue flowers June-Aug. 18 in.
  S. officinalis 'Icterina' - Gold Variegated - Showy with gold variegated foliage. Lilac blue flowers June-Aug. 18 in.
  S. officinalis 'Purple' - Dark purple foliage. Lilac blue flowers June-Aug. 18 in.
  S. officinalis 'Tri-Color Sage' - Bushy plant with multi-colored leaves of green, creamy white, pink and purple. Lilac blue flowers in June-Aug. 18 in.

More Salvia in the Premium Plant and Perennial sections.
STEVIA Stevia rebaudiana - Natural sweetener. Non-caloric and doesn't promote tooth decay. 1 ft. Sun.
TARRAGON Artemesia dracunculus - 'French Tarragon' - Short lived, perennial herb. Sprawling, largely flowerless herb with shiny, dark green, aromatic and flavorful leaves. 18-24 in. Sun.
THYME Creeping and mounding perennials with aromatic foliage that have various culinary uses. Great plants for rock gardens, herb pots and small borders. Small flowers June-July. All need full sun and good drainage.
  Thymus 'Archer's Gold' - Evergreen creeper with lemon-scented golden foliage. Great ground cover in rock gardens and between stepping stones. Pale pink flowers. 3 in.
  T. 'Oregano Thyme' - Mounding plant with rich green leaves with an oregano fragrance. Pale pink flowers. 6 in.
  T. citriodorus 'Doone Valley' - Low mounding plant with lemon-scented foliage. Small leaves are irregularly splashed with yellow. Pale pink flowers. 3 in.
  T. citriodorus 'Lemon Thyme' - Small shrub-like plant with lemon-scented foliage. Small leaves have golden margins. Pale pink flowers. 8-10 in.
  T. citriodorus 'Lime Thyme' - Vigorous, low, spreading plant with lime-scented foliage. Greenish yellow foliage. Pale pink flowers. 6 in.
  T. herba-barona 'Caraway Thyme' - Wiry plant with tiny, dark green, scented leaves. Loose mauve pink flowers. 6 in.
  T. pulegiodes 'Foxley' - Tiny, aromatic, flavorful leaves with cream and green variegation, mostly at the tips. 8 in.
  T. vulgaris 'Argenteus' - Silver Edge Thyme - Rounded, compact plant with scented foliage. Small leaves are silver gray with white margins. Pale pink flowers. 8-10 in.
  T. vulgaris 'Compactus' - Uniform, compact, rounded plant with small olive green leaves. Fragrant. Lavender flowers. 1 ft.
  T. vulgaris 'French Culinary Thyme' - Low growing plant. Best thyme for cooking. Small white flowers. 1 ft.

Creeping Thyme in the Perennial section.
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